Building your audience

before building your product

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Why I Need A Coming Soon Page WHY I NEED

Launching a product is hard, launching a market fit product is harder. Building a coming soon page first to set up the communication with your potential users, update your progress to them and listen to their feedback, let's enjoy the process of building a product.

Not Another Website Builder NOT ANOTHER

Just a coming soon page is far from enough of building your audience. Cominsoon puts focus on supplying you with tools and widgets to make it easier communicating with the potential users.

add Email

Every coming soon page has an input field for capturing emails. Subscriptions are accessible for checking and being exported to CSV at any time.

add Slack

Integrate SmallChat into a coming soon page in a few minutes. Talking with page visitors through Slack.

add Survey

Popup survey after subscription. People who interested in the product are more likely give their feedback.

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